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Get real-time feedback while you work out and
improve your skills — anytime, anyplace!

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Boost your results & avoid injury

Corrective guidance and qualitative scoring both on-screen and via audio means with BUNKAI you can have highly effective sessions that are more engaging, safer and more fun.

Measure your progress

BUNKAI makes it easy to track your progress, using the world’s most advanced body-tracking technology to deliver rapid, accurate measurement.

Train anytime, anyplace

BUNKAI is the personal skills trainer that’s always with you, capturing your performance, and providing you with guided feedback to help you progress towards your goals.



Privacy First

BUNKAI is built with privacy in mind. At no point does any video get recorded (unless you've recorded one as a creator, like a trainer, physio, ...) without your explicit consent.

Instant Feedback

BUNKAI analyzes and corrects your form, posture and movements, counts your reps, and checks your speed - all in real time, so you’ll know clearly what you did and what you'll need to work on.


Turn your laptop, tablet or smartphone (or even a TV or projector - basically, anything that has access to a browser and a camera) into a digital personal trainer or physical therapist.

Share your progress

You don't have to, but if you'd like to show off, you can share your results on your favourite social networks.

Markerless Motion-Capture

Don't worry about special clothing, markers, sensors or a long and difficult setup process. We need none of that.


BUNKAI provides accuracy rivaling that of expensive sensor-based systems at a fraction of the price (or even for free).

How it works

No application to install.
Just a browser and camera.

For BUNKAI to work, your browser will need to access your device's camera. But don't worry, no one will see you and no recording gets stored anywhere but on your own device. So focus on your training!

It is really as easy as opening up a new website, choosing your workout and getting started... Easy!

BUNKAI's login teaser a laptop (in this case, a MacBook)

We're about to democratize access to world class sports training.

Welcome to the revolution 👋

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