Scale Your Skills & Experience

Offer your members something new & engaging, or attract a new audience by sharing your skills, using our AI as your assistant. You can also organize group competitions online in which participants can automatically get their reps and time counted, form checked, etc.


Bunkai is a social training platform, leveraging AI to enable online sports coaches, clubs and content creators to create more engaging, scalable, and social training experiences.

a laptop previewing our app

Complete your profile

Starting off is easy and we'll help you when needed: firstly, create your group or personal profile, where you can highlight your skills and experience, so people can find you and subscribe.

Create your content

Record or upload your own exercises, or pick from a library of public exercises to put together your own competitions, workouts, and more. Use your own skills and experience to make it unique.

Invite your team

Invite your students and club members and create your online community within minutes. You'll be able to track their progress, get feedback, manage the group's leaderboards, etc.

Scale your Skills
& Experience

You don't have to be limited by your physical location, or the amount of time you can spend with a single person.

Let us help you reach many more people, wherever they are, whenever they want and still give them a personalized workout.

How it works

No application to install.
Just a browser and camera.

For BUNKAI to work, your browser will need to access your device's camera. But don't worry, no one will see you and no recording gets stored anywhere but on your own device, until you chose to upload something yourself!

a laptop (in this case, a MacBook)


Get an AI assistant

It is now possible to monitor your students and trainees effectively while being remote. You record and plan your workouts, our AI will do the rest.


Augment yourself

We act like an extension of what you already offer, and allow you to explore new ideas which before would have been impossible. You're welcome.


Build your brand

Teach the people you know, or seek a wider audience globally. Without you we wouldn't exist, so expect trainer profiles, internal comms, promotions, and more.

People generally sign up to a Personal Trainer or club because they want personal feedback. So, why limit yourself to apps that strip that skill and experience away from you?

Bunkai will allow you to extend yourself virtually, while you keep that personal touch intact. We built our AI so that you can with ease deliver tailored exercises to every single client / student if you wish to do so.

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