BUNKAI is  100% free 
during beta testing

Right now, your feedback is worth more to us than money! Eventually we will start charging for our service, but today is not that day.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Is Bunkai really free?

Absolutely. Bunkai was founded on the believe that we will democratize access to training for the great multitude. We are well aware however that we are talking from a position of privilege, while all too many people around the world could not afford even the lowest of costs. Hence, there will always be a free version for those who can't afford more.

Will you sell my personal data?

Absolutely not. This is not our business model.

Why is my browser asking for camera permissions?

Bunkai uses motion tracking to provide you with real-time feedback and other features, meaning the (browser) app has to be able to see you in order to be useful.

Can you see me when I exercise with the camera on?

Absolutely not. You could be dancing around in a pink top and black mini skirt, doing your best Freddie Mercury impression - we wouldn't know because all the "magic" happens locally on your own machine. Go wild!

Does my camera feed get recorded while I exercise?

Absolutely not. The only recording that happens is when a Studio user (a creator) purposely starts recording themselves in order to train the AI on a new move.

Who can access my camera recordings?

Not us. If you have access to Studio, you will be able to record your own moves to create exercises out of. All recordings for that are stored locally (i.e. in your own browser).

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